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While on a date with Rachel, Kudo is attacked by two shady thugs who slip an drug. The effects of the poison will turn"s life upside down!
Adjusting to lớn living under his new identity as Conan Edogawa, Shinichi sida Rachel"s inept detective father, Richard, in solving the kidnapping of the daughter of a president.
Pop diva Yoko Okino is being stalked and she"s to star-struck Richard"s doorstep for help! Luckily for all involved, Conan is on the job, too.
The Junior Detective League across a strange bản đồ which they believe leads to lớn a treasure và try to lớn decipher it.
While traveling with Ricahrd và Rachel on a train, Conan learns that there is a hidden on board and has khổng lồ find it before it detonates.
A young is poisoned during a Valentine"s Day gathering & Conan has to figure out exactly how he was poisoned in order to find the killer.
A surgeon to lớn Richard"s office khổng lồ ask to investigate gifts he has been receiving once a for years. Conan soon discovers that they have a deadly purpose.
A greedy art gallery owner about to tear the down is killed with a sword on by dressed in a knight"s
When a writer kills his associate during a festival, Conan has to lớn uncover the hole in his alibi & prove guilty.
Richard is approached by a girl who asks to lớn track down, he used to lớn be her girlfriend. When Conan & Rachel go with her to lớn her house, they help investigate the disappearance of a pro soccer player"s little brother.
Richard is called to lớn Island by a client to investigate a series of related lớn the death of a piano player years earlier.
During a trò chơi of hide & seek, finds herself in the trunk of a car with a severed head and a bag of, leaving it up to the Junior Detective League to track her down and catch the drivers.
Richard finds the father of a girl Unfortunately, the next day, the father is found & has vanished. It"s up to lớn Conan to lớn find the girl before it"s too late!
As Conan"s gang fishes on the riverbank, they witness a unusual sight. Can they convince Inspector và Richard of its before it"s too late?
When Conan has to khuyếnãi with a disappearing body, an oddly pair of brothers, và a jaded law, everything is helter-skelter!
What starts out as a lazy day soon takes an exciting turn when an antique collector his over by the edge of an ancient sword. Can Conan cut through all the confusion?
The Junior Detective League find trapped in a store in the of a heist and have khổng lồ the burglars.
While Conan suffers through the wedding of a teacher, is plotting to poison the bride"s favorite drink! What diabolical is behind this act of evil?
What began as an enjoyable day for Conan, Richard, và Rachel, who is being interviewed for a potential job as a fashion, soon turns toxic. A beautiful young lady has been found dead!
Conan, George,, và explore a haunted house. With strange noises and around every corner, what they find is bizarre than any ghost ever
When a is killed, a phối a scene! Everyone involved in the is labeled a suspect, but who could be capable of such a horrendous deed?
Conan, Richard and Rachel are present when the patriarch of a wealthy, dysfunctional is found stabbed khổng lồ death on the"s private luxury liner.
Lucas the next on the voyage, & it"s revealed that Theodore"s escape his cell was only possible with an và back-stabbing, Conan"s on the case.
During Richard"s day at the track, he dodge a revenge-driven ex-con & help a beautiful recover her

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A oto chase leaves two people dead - or does it? What does a diving watch, a sun tan, và five dollars up to? Just another puzzling case for Conan.
A dog Jack kills a college student, shocking the dog"s owner và Conan as well! Conan"s known the pooch forever, & if he doesn"t get to lớn the of the attack, Jack will be put khổng lồ sleep!
Conan and Rachel tag along with Richard for his college reunion. One attendant is found dead in what appears lớn be a suicide, though Conan is convinced that it"s
When Richard realizes that the death he"s dealing with is not a suicide but a and that the perpetrator is one of his old friends, Conan tries khổng lồ subtly give hints khổng lồ help solve the case.
A chance with a corporate executive lands Conan in the of a investigation. A curious cat, a suspicious driver, và pile of chocolates have Conan wondering who the killer is.
A lawyer calls for Kogoro at a fancy khách sạn asking lớn follow his wife who be having an affair. Kogoro, Ran và Conan then going to the"s house discover that the wife in question has been
During a TV show, a who worked at the station was shot in the head. Though no one had into the at the How was the
Ran tells Conan she"s at a coffee shop. Conan suspecting, follows Ran., a is at the coffee shop. But who?
A treasure hunt turns scary for the Junior Detective League. They"re lost in the wild, civilization, and two suspicious-looking are sneaking around!
When Conan, Rachel and Serena attend the reunion of a club at a in the woods, an ax-wielding, cloaked covered with bandages stalks & attacks in the night.
A group of Rachel"s old friends seek lớn defend against a deadly But is the assailant really stalking outside of the villa - or is he lurking within?
When a real estate agent is in his condo, the police suspect a well-known dentist in town. Will Conan"s investigation vindicate the beautiful dentist or debunk her perfect alibi?
When a pretty girl hires Detective khổng lồ help her find an old, Conan finds out that the she is looking for was responsible for the death of her fiancé.
When a Richard was hired to follow is, he realizes that the"s life insurance beneficiary is guilty, leaving it up to Conan khổng lồ find a hole in his perfect alibi, which has been provided by Richard.
Conan, Rachel & Richard attend the birthday các buổi party of a"s daughter. When they get stranded at her"s along with guests, bodies start turning up after the birthday girl goes
When a beautiful heiress is on her birthday, Conan springs into action to solve the baffling The stakes are soon raised, as Rachel a target for the assassin"s sinister
A baseball trò chơi is interrupted when the School reveals that has slashed the cherished Flag! Scandal rocks Shore View High as Conan investigates.
A rock star about to lớn go solo is poisoned at a karaoke bar, và the suspects are his soon-to-be band As Conan investigates, he discovers that a terrible tragedy is behind the
A lady who to be Conan"s really be a spy working for the organization that poisoned! Can Conan escape her intentions và find an antidote for the poison?
Richard, Rachel, và Conan land in the of a surrounding the death of billionaire. Conan face one disturbing reality: the suspects are the"s children.
Richard upon the death of the President of a popular apparel Why would the President be wearing an unflattering facial if she was expecting
Conan, Richard and Rachel get trapped in a villa when a doctor is Conan soon discovers that the left behind clues about the identity of his killer.
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