A new truyền thông media Player is coming to Windows 10, which will replace Groove Music! In the Release Preview Channel of the Windows Insider Program, Microsoft has quietly released an updated version of Groove Music that replaces the legacy music player with a brand-new ứng dụng titled “Windows truyền thông Player”.

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Windows 11’s truyền thông Player is slowly rolling out to Windows 10 Insiders signed up to lớn the Release Preview Channel. It’s reminiscent of the original Windows truyền thông Player, but it uses WinUI 3.0 và Microsoft’s Fluent kiến thiết system. Although Windows 10 doesn’t have rounded corners, this new media Player will still remind you of Windows 11’s design.

The new truyền thông media Player was first shown off during a Windows Insider Program stream in 2021 và it was later released lớn Windows 11 users. Microsoft stayed silent about Windows 10 release until today’s update in the Release Preview Channel finally brought the ứng dụng to the old OS.

The new media Player’s library on Windows 10

Of course, there are too many không tính tiền media players available for Windows, but Microsoft is not really late khổng lồ the game. While we have better alternatives like VLC và MPV (our personal favourite), the new Windows media Player is still a pretty good option for new users.

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How khổng lồ get the new Windows truyền thông Player on Windows 10

You’ll find the new tiện ích as an update in the Microsoft Store. Lớn get the player, head khổng lồ Microsoft Store > Library and check for updates. An update will automatically replace the existing Groove Music app và migrate your playlists lớn the new app.

This new truyền thông Player is available in both dark & light modes, and it also respects Windows 10’s accent colour. By default, it uses a colour scheme of black và orange, or white và orange.

New media Player can stream any video

Media Player’s kiến thiết is pretty simple & it works really well. Unlike Groove Music, media Player can play both audio and video files. Lượt thích the Movies & TV app, there’s also HDR tư vấn here, so if you have new modern movies in this particular tệp tin format, you can use the new player to play the media.

The current version of Windows truyền thông media Player is 11.2209.30.0 and Windows 10 Build 19042 is specified as the minimum version. If you can’t wait for the update to lớn arrive on your system, you can tải về the offline package of the app and run the .msixbundle.